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Not a Fuck

I've been contemplating the whole "the men who almost broke me" series, and considering talking about all of them, but you know?  A lot of them didn't.  Or if they did, I can't find the cracks anymore.  Some of them just don't...count.

There was one guy who could have, but A) the relationship sort of died in a pathetic, whiny gasp, and B) I don't think he actually mattered as much as he could have.  I'm sure if you'd asked me at the time, it would be a very different answer, but now?  I'm just sort of...what the hell was I thinking?  (Same goes for his wife, who I was also dating.  I'm pretty sure they feel not dissimilarly.  I was involved with him for roughly 5 years, and we were in a triad for 3, and now it's just...bleh.)

So!  Today, instead, you get commentary from my best friend.  It seems unfair to ask for pithy opinions about people she's never met.  There's a huge part of me that'd love to introduce her to Tim, because it would be like cat nip.  Poor guy.  He'd be covered in bruises before he realized it.

On my trainer, who I've written about altogether too much at this point, on the controversial decision that I wasn't allowed to talk to people about our relationship (I know, HUGE red flag, but I didn't see it at the time): "What, creepy magician man thought you needed to learn discretion?" (He's not a magician, as far as I know.  But he still has a strong, plastic Vegas vibe to him.  And he really, really, really isn't very subtle.)

On the guy who came after, who I haven't written about much, the one who could have done a number on me but ultimately didn't matter enough, "He's a little shit with silly facial hair."  Well, she's not wrong!

About the other third of that triad, "About the only thing I can say about her is that she doesn't look weird.  Not like Magician Man or Weird Cowboy Facial Hair."

The others I can't repeat because they involve actual names.  But gentlefolk, this is my best friend, and I love her.  Snarky, pithy, an excellent judge of character, staunchly protective and passionate.  It'd be the perfect relationship if either of us felt romantically inclined toward the other.


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