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Be Nice or Fuck Off

Happy Things

  • Great art supply stores.  I am very loyal to mine.  I walked in, yet again, and told them what I wanted and what my budget was, and the found a way to make all of those dreams come true.  I don't know if they recognize me or anything, I think this is just really amazing customer service...from people who are used to scatter-brained artists.  (In other news, I got my markers!  They're not Copics most of them, but he assures me they're comparable.  Also picked up a drawing board, which shall certainly allow for many ridiculous jokes.

  • Tempest!  Which apparently has Helen fucking Mirren as the sorceress Prospera, Djimon Honsou, Alfred Molina, Alan CUMMING, and RUSSELL BRAND.  WHAT.  I am not familiar with most Shakespeare and don't much miss it, but I am fond of The Tempest, but the last time I saw it, I was in middle school and not only did I not get all the dirty jokes, I didn't get all the social commentary, either.  Prospero's tale of betrayal is much more effective and painful when it's changed to the voice of a woman.  And she's much better a villain that a guy would be.

  • Equally good optometrists.  Again with the telling my budget and them finding me what I need.  In a couple weeks, I'll have new glasses, this time with a nice strong cat-eye.

  • Nice roommates who will come pull slivers of glass out of my feet from where the cat broke a glass.  Fucking cat.  I love him, but I don't like him very much right now.  At least he's distracted by a moth right now, and that's cute.

  • Reading bed time stories to my mom over the phone, since she can't get to a library.  It's an old family tradition to read to each other, all ages.  Little passages that amuse us, a sentence or two, whole books.  I've found some of my favorite books by listening to someone else's passion.  It's how I learned to read, actually.  My mom read the Chronicles of Narnia to me, and I learned to follow along.  It's good to renew the practice.


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