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A Cat, a Half-Naked Woman, and a Computer

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Glinda the Good Witch

Happy Things

  • Goose is usually tamed by a good dose of corporal cuddling.  He climbs on the counter, I get up, he jumps down, I snuggle him.  He's always very confused.  And if that doesn't work, a good squirting with the water bottle will do the trick.

  • Discovering a Canadian woman-centric show called Strange Empire.  Still problematic, especially in its use of whorephobic language, but it has some nice things going for it, including Tahmoh Penikett, playing a half-Blackfoot US marshal.  I could listen to that man talk all damned day.

  • PEACH PIE.  I've eaten far too much of it today.  It was worth it.

  • Relatedly, when I ordered said pie (to go), I asked for a pint of whipped cream to go with it.  They gave me a ridiculous quart.  I am simultaneously appalled and delighted, and I am simply not sure what all I'll do with it.

  • Ben installed another 8G of memory in my laptop.  I don't notice a difference, but he said that I might be able to do art on this computer again, and that's wonderful!  It means I should be able to hook the computer up to the TV and use it as a big ass monitor.  We still don't know how to remove and replace the keyboard, though.

  • Taking a long, delightful nap in the middle of the day, and waking up gently to find a cat curled up just under my chin.

  • New underwear!  A nice package of pretty panties sent in the mail.  There's a pair that are white organza-type lace, with light blue satin bows and ruffles on them.  I feel like Marie Antionette!

  • Lunch dates with friends.  Indian food ahead!


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