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Protective Sam

I forgot to do a Happy Things post!  I think for a couple of days, even.  But I'm not sure.

I'm going to preface today's list with some really bad news, though.  Ben got fired on Wednesday.  Dream job.  Bad brain chemistry.  No one's fault, but the guy wants and needs to blame someone, so he's blaming himself.  It's not good.  Guys, if you, or someone you love, has mental illness, PLEASE be good to yourselves and each other.  Learn what you can about it.  Be supportive.  Check your privilege and your ableism, because that shit is pervasive and sneaks up on everyone, including people who have illness or disability and the most enlightened, progressive people.  Be a good person.  Be their friend, especially when they can't be.  We're taking measures to keep ourselves housed and fed for now, and he's looking for something, but it's going to be rough for a little while, and that rough is honestly going to be mostly mental and emotional.  This week sucks, and it can go fuck a cactus.

  • Not being able to sleep, so me and my roommate getting up at the same time to watch TV in the middle of the night together.

  • My very favorite coffee.

  • My hair's grown out again to the length where I can literally do no wrong to it.

  • I'm seriously so excited about volunteer stuff.

  • Watching Teen Wolf, because it is ridiculous and fluffy and strangely satisfying.

  • Still loving Jupiter Jones.  Still not really shipping anyone.  Still enjoying that.

  • Thank God for libraries.  I just finished Divergent.  The movie not only was a terrible adaptation, it was a frankly unimpressive movie, but the book is great.  A little heavy-handed on the Christian Martyrs Are The Best, but eh.

  • Having enough stray fabric laying around the house that I can honestly consider making myself a quilt.

  • Having a full tank of gas, full cupboards and fridge, full art supplies, new glasses and contacts, before Ben lost his job.


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