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Protective Sam

Today Was A Really Good Day!

I took Ben to see his girlfriend, and I may have feels about the fact that she mostly comes to see other people and he's incidental, but it makes him happy, so I shut up.  To him, anyway.  I think he deserves better, I think he deserves to be the main attraction for his partners when they're visiting the area, I think the fact that I have to drive him to her really sucks out loud.  But again, he is happy, so I shut up.

I finished another book!  I have several more to go, which is good, because tomorrow is Electronics Maintenance Day and I shall be computer-less.

I got to have sex.  It's been a while.  It was lovely and perfect, and I am a happy girl.

Yeah, that's the happy list today.  I could probably figure out a fifth thing, but my brain is now floaty.  I'm gonna go color and watch Tron Legacy, and then I'm gonna go read and sleep.  Good night all!


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