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A Cat, a Half-Naked Woman, and a Computer

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Protective Sam

I just finished watching Jupiter Ascending for the second time, and while I still do not love Balem like everyone else seems to, several other things have happened:

  • The cats had a slap fight on my lap, and my finger was a casualty

  • Donald Trump crashed my computer

  • Vladie has been identified as one of my exes

  • I was reminded that I have truly abhorrent taste in men

  • My mother volunteered to try and recreate Jupiter’s wedding headdress for Barbie!  This will probably never happen, because that thing is complicated, and my mom has arthritic hands, but that’s a lovely thing!  Lovely enough I’d actually buy a Barbie for it, especially if she made the dress to go with.

  • Ben came out at one point and, as predicted, railed at the TV that “that’s not how space works”.

  • The cat that accidentally clawed me got peach pie in his ear.

(Have I mentioned that my mother is a certified bad ass?  Because she is.  She is old, and her body is falling apart around her, she has cataracts and arthritis and a faulty memory now, but she still opens Vogue and makes Barbie couture from what she sees, just like when I was a little girl.  She still holds her grandchildren, even though they're teenagers now, and she hopes to someday hold her great-grandchildren, and she's almost stubborn enough she could.  She does jigsaw puzzles with ALL of her neighbors, even the horrible lady down the hall who hates everyone and pushes her, because even if no one else will treat that lady with kindness, my mom will.  Of course, she's doing it out of her "Christian duty", and that's gross, but the fact remains that my mom is the walking talking breathing definition of kill them with kindness.)
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