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Protective Sam

So today I had lunch with a friend (Indian; really good butter chicken).  Lunch with a friend led an invitation to a playdate at a local dungeon.  This will be the first dungeon I’ve been to in at least a couple years.  I’ve even been skipping Folsom, because people are shitty and I am shy and awkward and freaked out by them.  (I’m struggling to get over this.  My doctor has begun prescribing anti-anxiety drugs, which help enormously.)

So I’m going!  This Saturday!  It’s, as usual, a themed party, so I’ve then spent the afternoon shopping for a costume cowboy hat (which I look damned good in, thank you, as good as it is possible for any human being to look in one, which is pretty subjective).  I could have done Saloon Girl or something, but let’s be real, how often do you get to go to a party and actually be comfortable?  (Though I am toying with doing a gender swap in the middle of the evening).  Jeans, sparkly belt buckle, nice stompy boots, cowboy hat, black leather vest with nothing under it.  I wonder if they'll have a boot black...they're not cowboy boots because that shit's an intensely expensive lifetime commitment, but my work boots are good enough.

I’m excited, but nervous?  I’m assured that in all the times she’s been there, my friend has never once seen people from the old dungeon around, which means I’m less likely to be inundated with bad memories and shitty pasts.  But people are still people, and insular communities are more pronounced in their people-ness, and that’s stressful.

I’ll be okay, I know I will.  I’m even really likely to have fun!  I’ve been feeling particularly dommy lately (which is weird, but I’m trying to enjoy it), if not at all toppy, and I would love to find a nice sweet sub to talk to and enjoy the company of for the evening.  Not top them.  Just a little nuanced protocol, step and fetch, that erotic exchange of their attention and my desires.  Ben tells me I even have the right crooning sort of voice for it!  That’s nice to hear.



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