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Okay, I don't know if I just got out of a dungeon or not, but the way Caine talks to Jupiter (in Jupiter Ascending) is so beautiful and thoughtful and submissive.  It's very nice.  I just loved that "May I kill him?"  And the way he says "Your Majesty"--it's as loaded with meaning as "As you wish".  And the restraint he behaves with towards her.  Well, toward everyone, really, but especially her.  He is utterly devoted, and it's not just because she's the queen; it's to Jupiter Jones, and it shows right from the beginning.  I really, really enjoy Caine and how he works.  Beautiful training is a great thing.

(Also, I'm gonna go on record saying that I don't really get Channing Tatum physically, but he can talk to me all fucking day.  That is a great voice.  He could read the phone book and it'd be sexy.)

I still roll my eyes at Balem's lines, even though I LOVE the way he moves.  "I create life!"  Dude, are you Dr. Frankenstein?  What is that.  You sound like you're reading lines from a different, terrible, MST3K-style movie.  The more I watch this, though, the more I really, really like Titus.  I like courtiers, I guess.  He's so...snide.
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