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A Cat, a Half-Naked Woman, and a Computer

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Protective Sam

Happy Things

  • Waking up while it's dark and watching a beautiful, honey-toned sunrise.  The redwood outside my balcony is glowing.

  • Chocolate chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.

  • Discovering that a) I'm allowed to have more than one library card at a time, and b) the other library network has literally everything related to SPN, because she is also a fan.  And when I called, she reserved everything in one big block for me.  She just has a list and goes through and reserves everything on it.  Is this what they mean by having connections?

  • Good porn first thing in the morning.  (Though, really, people.  Just because a dude wears Saxx underwear doesn't actually mean that he's hung.  It's not like they come with a big dick warranty.)

  • Hackers is now on Netflix.  Ah, my childhood.


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