A Cat, a Half-Naked Woman, and a Computer

20 October
I'm 23, short, round, sassy, and only sometimes smug. I try really hard not to be. I have a ton of life, and way more energy than I'll ever be able to figure out what to do with.

I'm one of those people who often finds herself confused, and still manages to not sweat the small stuff. I figure life will work itself out, one way or the other, and one should just enjoy the ride.

I'm into everything, too. Cats, bondage, movies, music of all sorts, drama, comedy, smart people, commiserating with others over public transit, sexual freedom, submission, literature, soft and fuzzy things, and anything else that gets my attention. I like to watch the medical examiner shows, and open heart surgeries on TV when I'm eating, and I like to watch the X-Files in the middle of the night so the cats can scare the living daylights out of me. I'm fierce and devoted, and strong, and sometimes just a little snarky.

Some people call me bright and fluffy. Maybe I am. But I can guarantee that life will never seem the same after seeing it through my eyes.

*Updated* This blog serves as my journal. It contains my opinions and feelings. Some of these opinions and feelings will not be popular, or even politely expressed. They are still, however, my opinions and feelings. I do not censor this blog, though I make pretty much everything interesting friends-only. I will not hesitate to express my opinion, because it is my opinion and I reserve the right to have one. This may offend people. I welcome you to not read my blog/journal if that includes you.
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